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A/B Machines

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A/B Machines

Adapted From The Work of Andy Warhol
Created and Directed by Philip Gates
Nov. 28-Dec.1

Sometimes I’d like to pull your wig off but somehow I can’t ever do it. I know how it would hurt you.

Using Andy Warhol’s body of work as inspiration and source material, A/B Machines imagines a competition for fame and status between three performers. As each attempts to become the dominant personality in the room, they swap personas (and wigs), identity is duplicated like a silkscreen print, and the distinction between self and other begins to blur. What is at stake when we differentiate “me” from “you,” and how does our popular culture participate in these power dynamics? A/B Machines asks not only how an “us vs. them” culture is created, but also how we might resist it.

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