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Director Series

Director Series performances are directed by our senior undergraduate directing students and our first and second year graduate students in The John Wells Directing Program. Director Series works offer audiences opportunities to experience the visions of the next generation of leaders as well as bold new perspectives on 21st century theatre-making.

These productions partially fulfill the educational requirements of the School of Drama's BFA and MFA programs.

Director Series Times

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 8 pm


Tickets are free and will be available at the box at the box office ON THE DAY OF PERFORMANCE.

Upcoming Performances


Directed by Eleanor Bishop
March 18 – March 20

Steubenville examines the first rape in the U.S. to be live tweeted at a high school football party in rural Ohio in August 2012. Jane Doe pieces together clues from Instagram, Twitter and text messaging to find out what happened to her. This production tackles rape culture in America today by piecing together the clues through the prisms of documentary, musical theater, fiction and media.

Trigger warning: This show contains an account of sexual assault and may be triggering to some people.

This production is supported by CMU's Survivor Support Network and CMU’s Health Services. For more information see here.

in a word

Lauren Yee
Directed by Rachel Pustejovsky
April 8 – April 10

Two years since Fiona and Guy’s son disappeared, their case is days from being declared cold. Nothing in Fiona’s life makes any sense. Her son’s kidnapper will not leave her alone. Fiona relives her painful grief as she struggles to find answers to her agonizing dilemma.

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